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SACAQM Team invited to Clean Air Fund event

On 11 April members of the consortium were invited to partake in a workshop organized by the Clean Air Fund. The organization is sponsored by the Bloomberg foundation and was held at Premier Hotel in Kempton Park. Many delegates from leading organizations were invited to participate such as the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE), the Department of Science and Innovation, local community members and many other local stakeholders.

There were three commissions at the workshop where the attendees had the opportunity to present the discussions that were had at this time. Those were the community engagement, policy and data commission. The data commission was led by SACAQM's esteemed colleague, Lotta Mayana who did a great job presenting. The commission focused on crucial elements such as data collection, quality design and objectives, identifying data gaps, and enhancing reporting and forecasting mechanisms.

One of the key outcomes of the commission was the recognition of the need for innovative approaches in delivering data to different user groups. Emphasis was placed on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and portable technologies to address the evolving challenges of air quality monitoring and information dissemination. A variety of platform were proposed to reach the indigent and marginalized communities who have no internet.

The collaboration between SACAQM and the Clear Air Fund signifies a proactive step towards harnessing technological advancements and multi-stakeholder cooperation in addressing air quality issues. As Johannesburg continues to strive for cleaner, healthier air, initiatives like Breathe City Johannesburg serve as pivotal platforms for collective action and progress.

Our members managed to connect with numerous people and it was an overall successful event and we hope to partner with the Clean Air Fund more in the future.


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